Quarry O Porriño, España

Rosa Porriño

In our quarry located in O Porriño we elaborate blocks of the material more than recognized and valued worldwide rosa porriño. Our team is in charge of choosing each block individually according to the requests and needs of each customer.

Quarry Boivao, Portugal

Gris Mondariz/ Crema Julia

From our quarry in Boivao, Portugal, we extract blocks of both gris mondariz and crema julia. We also elaborate masonry of this material for retaining walls, according to our customers’ demands.

Quarry Cabeceiras, Portugal

Gran Perla

From our quarry in Cabeceiras de Basto, located in Portugal, we extract top quality blocks of the precious gran perla granite, of which we have world exclusivity.

Quarry Chan do Faro, Salceda de Caselas

Gris Mondariz

Our more than versatile quarry in Salceda de Caselas, from which we extract gris mondariz granite. Columns, kerbstones, perpiaño, masonry and blocks are some of the products made by our partners in this quarry.