Our works

Rosa Porriño

Stone House apartaments in O Porriño

Supply of rough perpiaño to a face in Rosa Porriño granite for building “Stone House Apartments” in the street Pio XII in O Porriño

Moreno Silvestre

Church in Guntin

Renovation of the parish church of Guntín (Lugo) for which wild stone masonry was made for the facades, and custom-made pieces for the interior arch. The unrecognizable before and after …

Moreno Silvestre

Bodegas de los Ríos Prieto

Supply of 12 cm ashlars for the construction of facades and exterior enclosures, as well as columns and wall caps.

Gran Perla

Nippon Express Headquarters Building

Supply of high quality granite blocks for the facade of the Nippon Express Headquarters building in Tokyo (Japan).

Gran Perla

Azabu Bldg – Inmobiliaria Sumimoto

Supply of carefully selected blocks from our quarry in Cabeceiras de Basto, for the manufacture of the facade of the access area to the Azabu Bldg building, headquarters of Sumitomo …